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From knowledge to increased efficiency


On your request Attitutor proposes a coordinated approach on training needs within your company, appropriate in respect to your strategy and vision. Because training increases the knowledge making efficiency and productivity increase.

Plan of action

Before we offer a solution we map out all the needs. This can refer to the tools already used within the organization, or to programs that are introduced as a result of advice and/or change process. Whether it's about your email, word processor, spreadsheet, and presentation applications or your ERP and CRM programs, Attitutor will ask, among other things, these questions:

  • Are the functionalities of the tool well known?
  • Is the tool used in the most efficient way?
  • Is the tool delivering the right information so that one can take the right decision at the right time?
  • Are the necessary manuals available and up to date?
  • How is "data integrity" guaranteed?

We translate the feedback to a specific action plan and link you to a training partner that trains in all departments.


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