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A series of small, purposeful steps.


Humans are by nature creatures of habit, so if something works, why change it? However, as your company evolves and in order to stay ahead of competition, you will invest in new products, new technologies, new marketing strategies. So how do you motivate your people to embrace the change? Triggered by a necessity or by a demand for change, Attitutor comes in play. A change trajectory gets initiated based on direct feedback and proposals from stakeholders in your organization. You have recognized these triggers yourself, or they emerged during the strategic advice.

Support to success.

Our biggest challenge is the realization of a support base for change by creating a pool of champions in each area. This is feasible when there is consistent internal support from the major internal stakeholders. During the change process we surround ourselves with these motivated change drivers who can see the positive impact of change: growth opportunities for themselves and for the company. These champions are your internal change agents converting the problem through changes towards a solution.

How to give oxygen to a change process?

A stable basis for change comes forth through:

  • explicit support,
  • credible participation,
  • convincing commitment,
  • infectious enthusiasm,
  • and frequent, clear communication.

Attitutor anchors the small changes in your corporate culture and then releases the grip as soon as the support base is strong enough. We then follow the trajectory and adjust if necessary. In addition, we inform you about possible solutions in the area of tools, training and/or coaching.


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